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Our Fundraising Goals

  • The Need: Alaska Chess will provide resources and oversight for the building of educational, social, and life-skill benefits, including the goal of a nationally recognized Alaskan state chapter for representation within the United States Chess Federation.

  • The Strategy: In order to further these goals, Alaska Chess will create an all-encompassing, friendly, and competitive chess culture by establishing local community chess programs in schools and in rehabilitation centers such as hospitals, retirement homes, and correctional facilities.


You Can Help

By donating to Alaska Chess, you make this programming possible. 

  • Providing chess sets at local schools to enable all interested students to play.

  • Providing assistance for registration and ranking with national chess organizations.

  • Providing assistance for students to compete at the state and local level. 

  • Providing training resources to all participants to build skill and increase the love of the game. 


We are grateful to our sponsors and other supporters for making Alaska Chess a reality for so many children

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North Wind Home Collection

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Our Support Categories

We welcome contributions from individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations may be tax deductible. Tax ID 82-5004241


The Kings: $500+

  • Haas & Spigelmyer, Attorneys


The Queens: $200-$499

  • The Grog Shop

  • Dr. Bob Yontorno




The Rooks: $150-$199


The Bishops: $100-149


The Knights: $50-$99


The Pawns: up to $49

  • North Wind Home Collection