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Learn about the Alaska Chess non-profit organization and be a part of our movement.

—  this Year with Alaska Chess  —

—  Our story  —

Alaska Chess humbly started in a local coffee shop in little old Homer Alaska. When my six year old son, Sybastian, begged me to learn how to play chess with him, I put aside my daily chores and sat down to an afternoon chess lesson. What I thought would be a passing fancy turned out to be a language that opened up his world. Once I discovered Sy's passion for chess I immediately took to the community to feed his love for the game. I would take my son to K-Bay Caffe' and ask strangers if they wanted to play chess with Sy. That is where it all began. We became regulars at the Caffe' and people started to associate us with chess. When word got out and the chess community grew I knew we needed more space so we took to the Homer Library, where we found a home. Every Monday the library conference room filled with children who were eager to play chess.         


—  Our Mission & Vision  —

Our mission is to champion and elevate well-being, education, and community through Alaskan chess culture.  Our vision is, "One Game, One Community." We believe chess is a multi-purpose tool that should be accessible and integrated throughout Alaskan curriculum and culture, providing life skills beyond the board. 

Alaska faces a lack of state-wide, competitive and casual chess.  As diversity continues to impact Alaska, more efforts are needed to increase social integrity and cohesion.  

Alaska Chess will provide resources and oversight for the building of educational, social, and life-skill benefits, including the goal of a nationally recognized Alaskan state chapter for representation within the United States Chess Federation. In order to further these goals, Alaska Chess will create an all-encompassing, friendly, and competitive chess culture by establishing local community chess programs in schools and in rehabilitation centers such as hospitals, retirement homes, and correctional facilities. 

—  Our team  —

Colleen Evanco, President

Andrew Haas, Vice President and Treasurer

Jonathon Singler, Secretary

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